What's left to do end of 2020

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What's left to do end of 2020

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Monday, 30 November 2020 10:11:00 by Khodok

Future stuff to update

  • Continue Updating the design until it’s perfect, there’s again a lot of tweaks to do
  • Add Priority and colors to Categories (color for when a post is featured and priority for which one shows, now will it be per post or per categories and some will always show first, or could I change the way categories are added to posts and give it there)
  • Upgrade site performances
    • Remove unused CSS and JS
    • Make better SQL queries
    • Use sprites and Responsive Images
    • Etc
  • Add a better search tool
    • Be able to search Comments
    • Better Queries
  • Make comments for logged users only
    • Alternative: make Comments for anyone but logged Users get their comments linked to their accounts, meaning they’re easier to find, etc must reconsider
  • Upgrade RSS Feeds
    • Make them dynamic (possible to give a query in the RSS Feed URL, allowing to have more types of RSS without having to make an RSS Feed per things, would be useful for most stuff that aren’t blog Posts (that need more complex stuff))
  • Finally make Profile Pics and Post Images better
  • Add an id (in the HTML) to each post automatically by doing
        id="post-{{ post.slug }}"
  • A lot of other stuff…
  • types of posts
  • what the date means
  • you must be logged comments message.
  • Ref links for better data