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What has to be done

Saturday, 20 February 2021 15:03:14 by Khodok

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Stuff that still has to be made


  • Links to random posts in the Aside Menu.
  • Links to Related stuff.
  • Modulable stuff on / off.
  • User settings.
  • Export post as.


  • (still) Design. Kinda dull right now ngl.
  • Make use of the changes that were done for the future in one of the latest posts.
  • Add an aside with the Post Info in Post List (if we hover a post) and in Post Detail (all the time).
  • Only Show the Post List aside if the context exists.
  • Category List with new design.
  • The search bar on phone should be a search icon and when you click it it opens a search menu with auto complete and stuff.
  • Strong in dt is bolder than only dt or only strong.
  • Formset Body and Image

Bug Fixes