Setup Extraterm Tutorial


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Setup Extraterm Tutorial

Monday, 26 April 2021 15:07:40 by Khodok

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Installation Find what you need the point of this tutorial if for after the installation

Install WSL, bash, etc just follow this tutorial, you don’t need the WSL 2 if you don’t want it

Make the use of both

Create a new bash session type in Extraterm
Open a bash session
Create a file called in bin and put this in it: . "/mnt/c/Program Files/Extraterm/resources/app/extraterm/src/commands/" (use nano or vim and sudo and it should work)

You can then execute “.” anywhere and it’ll start the extraterm bash things

Adding an alias

You could add an alias for the first big command but I prefer it that way

execute nano ~/.bash_aliases
and then source ~/.bashrc


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