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Post Slugs Update (we've been there, haven't we ?)

Post slugs have been updated

What’s new ?

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What changed ?

  • Post slugs changed
    Slugs are based off the title, which means if the title is “This post will talk about Banana Split”, the post slug will be “this-post-will-talk-about-banana-split”.
    There’s a big problem with that, if two titles are the same (which I want it to be possible, for different reasons but also because I don’t have much more ideas on how to name the Wednesday Posts), the two slugs will bug because they’ll be the same, and slugs HAVE to be different (for a few reasons, first: they kinda act like an ID (it’s the only other thing that can be used as an ID with Django), second: if two posts have the same slug… how would you go to one or the other ? well you couldn’t).

Good news !

the old code for auto generated slugs was:

1def save(self, *args, **kwargs):
2        if not self.slug:
3            self.slug = slugify(self.title)
4        return super().save(*args, **kwargs)

Basically if the slug doesn’t exist create one based on the title.

The code is now:

 1def save(self, *args, **kwargs):
 2        max_length = Post._meta.get_field('slug').max_length
 3        self.slug = orig = slugify(self.title)[:max_length]
 4        for x in itertools.count(2):
 5            if
 6                if Post.objects.filter(Q(slug=self.slug),
 7                                       Q(,
 8                                       Q(,
 9                                       ).exists():
10                    break
11            if not Post.objects.filter(slug=self.slug).exists():
12                break
14            # Truncate & Minus 1 for the hyphen.
15            self.slug = "%s-%d" % (orig[:max_length - len(str(x)) - 1], x)
16        return super().save(*args, **kwargs)

Meaning even more basically:
If the post doesn’t have a slug, create one, but if the slug you’re trying to exist already exists, add a number after it, starting with 2 (so if the slug “this-post-will-talk-about-banana-split” exists, create “this-post-will-talk-about-banana-split-2”), and voilà, we can have two times the same title but the auto slug will be different 😄