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Post #170

Search bar changed

I modified the search bar to fit the rest of the theme

Post #169

Update of DOOM (jk the only new thing is that featured post got updated)

Hoi, it's an update, hello Update, Featured posts changed

Post #168

PP and TOS update lmao

Added a flatpage for the TOS and the Privacy Policies

Post #166

Projects Update

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I added a portfolio :o wow

Post #165

Ah shit, here we go again with the last change

Quick links are now Featured links, makes more sense

Post #164

"Quick" shortened urls

Hoi, an update that's small but decent

Post #161

Small changes

Fixed a typo and changed some colors

Post #156

First "Future Post" is a Wednesday, my dudes !

Future Post and Wednesday

Post #155

Profiles updated again

Hello people, profiles had a small update again

Post #154

A little more adaptive

Reworked the respon... Adaptiveness of the website

Post #148

WTF, a new font ???????

Amazing ! a new font on Khodok's Blog, wow !

Post #146


Hello there people of the internet, profiles are now modifiable and you can even add a profile pic (please don't yet, I'll change how they're stored soon)

Post #144

New Design Day two

I continue my rampage ! I'm crazy :O the new design looks cool tho

Post #143

Ok... New design from Zero

I remade the design totally, note that it isn't fully done and some buttons are still missing (like add comment)

Post #140

Posts Images

Incredible, posts can now have images (that will later be used more)

Post #130


Added a simple sitemap

Post #129

Future ideas and updates

Ideas I had over time, not added yet

Post #128

Forms update

Forms on this website were always bad, and I have been judge because of it ! :o so now I made them a lil better (Not really done but there's one thing Idrk how to fix...)

Post #122

Mobile Responsive changes

Little update on mobile design

Post #120

Two small updates (Read More and menu)

An update yesterday and today, one adding Read More button and one in Menu