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Post #209

Comment bug fix

Ok so this one has been here for a while, comments not working...

Post #207

Post Slugs Update (we've been there, haven't we ?)

Posts have new types of slugs

Post #202

Post images and profile pictures

Hehe they're finally handled well :D

Post #203

FlatPages and Pages merged

I merged FlatPages and Pages

Post #201

Changing an app name in Django

For a long time my accounts app on this website was called "users" (because I followed a tutorial that called it users and after someone pointed it out it was renamed to accounts, sadly it was after I followed said tutorial), it's not a problem, but calling it accounts makes way more sense.

Post #199

Comments order fixed (from last update)

Comments fixed

Post #198

Another change on comments (not done)

Comments changed

Post #185

Read Time Update

Added Read Time on posts

Post #184

Bio, Profiles and Other stuff Update

I updated profiles a little more, added a bio to profiles and posts now have a clicked count (not displayed yet, will also add a read time asp)

Post #183

Small UI Fixes and comments on Profile

Title says it all

Post #182

Post with links Update

Post with links Update

Post #180

Pages Update (not done, just a bit better)

I updated pages app

Post #179

Better Requests handling and migration to europe

Two things, one you don't really need to know and one maybe you do Idk

Post #177

Comment Update, now needs login

Comments need login now !

Post #173

New Icons

Icons are now better

Post #172

Little fix... took hours

Fixed a tiny little bugs, it took hours to do it

Post #169

Update of DOOM (jk the only new thing is that featured post got updated)

Hoi, it's an update, hello Update, Featured posts changed

Post #170

Search bar changed

I modified the search bar to fit the rest of the theme

Post #168

PP and TOS update lmao

Added a flatpage for the TOS and the Privacy Policies

Post #166

Projects Update

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I added a portfolio :o wow