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Happy New Year !!!

Happy new year everyone !!

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One !!!

One !!!

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Two !!!

Two !!!

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Three !!!

Three !!!

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Changing an app name in Django

For a long time my accounts app on this website was called "users" (because I followed a tutorial that called it users and after someone pointed it out it was renamed to accounts, sadly it was after I followed said tutorial), it's not a problem, but calling it accounts makes way more sense.

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200 Posts !!!

200th post on this website, that's cool ! :D

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Merry Christmas !

We wish you a Merry Christmas

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Ok... New design from Zero

I remade the design totally, note that it isn't fully done and some buttons are still missing (like add comment)

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URL Shortener Update

Wanted an URL shortener for a while

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100 Posts !!!

Ayeeee, 100 posts on the website !!!

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Batman R3DAKT3D

Batman New Game !

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Code Highlight !!!

MONTHS !!! Finally I managed to do it ! (and it was stupid as possible)

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Songs Lyrics

Some lyrics of songs I like

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Quotes are amazing, here's a list of my favs