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Quotes are amazing, here's a list of my favs

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First Post EVER (trust me)

Wednesday, 15th of April 2020

Wednesday, 15th of April 2020

Last Tuesday, 24th of November 2020

15th Apr 2020

First post (wrong it's like the billionth but since I'm stupid I lost the DB more than once lol)

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Cool Songs Lyrics

Sunday, 02nd of August 2020

Sunday, 02nd of August 2020

Last Tuesday, 24th of November 2020

02nd Aug 2020

Some songs lyrics ordered by artists then songs If a song has a "Pt. II" (like Alone) or a whole remake or whatever, they'll be under one tab with the main name of the song and then each in their own tabs If a group of artists sometimes make songs separated, they'll have a main grouped tab, then all the songs they made together and at the end a tab for each artists that has songs alone (ex: Tungevaag and Raaban -> songs together / Tungevaag -> Knockout; ex 2: Swedish House Mafia -> songs together (whoever is in the group at that time) / Axwell /\ Ingrosso -> songs they made together / Axwell -> Songs by Axwell / Ingrosso -> Songs by Ingrosso), confusing but you'll understand seeing it lol Presentation of lyrics may differ between songs depending on where I take them, the beautiful ones are usually from Genius, the basic ones from Google (so either Musixmatch either AZLyrics either LyricsFind or even something else but copied on Google)

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Go to Stable Django Doc

A Bookmarklet that goes directly to the most stable django doc

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Hello there people of the internet, profiles are now modifiable and you can even add a profile pic (please don't yet, I'll change how they're stored soon)

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About the new design

Just a few stuff about the new design

Post #144

New Design Day two

I continue my rampage ! I'm crazy :O the new design looks cool tho

Post #143

Ok... New design from Zero

I remade the design totally, note that it isn't fully done and some buttons are still missing (like add comment)

Post #141

Wednesday week 44 of 2020

It is Wednesday my dudes...

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Posts Images

Incredible, posts can now have images (that will later be used more)

Post #136

Wednesday I totally didn't forget edition

Il est de retour !

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Change of mind

Change of mind about CSS frameworks

Post #133

About Yesterday's post

WTF happened yesterday ?

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Added a simple sitemap

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Future ideas and updates

Ideas I had over time, not added yet

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Forms update

Forms on this website were always bad, and I have been judge because of it ! :o so now I made them a lil better (Not really done but there's one thing Idrk how to fix...)

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Another Week, another Wednesday

Yes, it is

Post #126

This post is just a test

This post is a test

Post #125

And agin and again and again and again

Wednesday again

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Each weeks, until I die, you'll know when it's Wednesday

Once again, we're all here for random bullshit, except this time it's not YouTube algorithm's fault (it might be in the case of Xeyame but that was like 4 years ago so it's just a collateral at this point)

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Mobile Responsive changes

Little update on mobile design

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