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Quotes are amazing, here's a list of my favs

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First Post EVER (trust me)

Wednesday, 15th of April 2020

Wednesday, 15th of April 2020

Last Tuesday, 24th of November 2020

15th Apr 2020

First post (wrong it's like the billionth but since I'm stupid I lost the DB more than once lol)

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Random Stuff

Cool Songs Lyrics

Sunday, 02nd of August 2020

Sunday, 02nd of August 2020

Last Monday, 30th of November 2020

02nd Aug 2020

Some songs lyrics ordered by artists then songs If a song has a "Pt. II" (like Alone) or a whole remake or whatever, they'll be under one tab with the main name of the song and then each in their own tabs If a group of artists sometimes make songs separated, they'll have a main grouped tab, then all the songs they made together and at the end a tab for each artists that has songs alone (ex: Tungevaag and Raaban -> songs together / Tungevaag -> Knockout; ex 2: Swedish House Mafia -> songs together (whoever is in the group at that time) / Axwell /\ Ingrosso -> songs they made together / Axwell -> Songs by Axwell / Ingrosso -> Songs by Ingrosso), confusing but you'll understand seeing it lol Presentation of lyrics may differ between songs depending on where I take them, the beautiful ones are usually from Genius, the basic ones from Google (so either Musixmatch either AZLyrics either LyricsFind or even something else but copied on Google)

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To Be Updated

What's left to do, this time with everything new and updated

Tuesday, 24th of November 2020

Monday, 30th of November 2020

Last Monday, 30th of November 2020

30th Nov 2020

Updates for the future

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Post #171

What's left to do end of 2020

Updates for the future

Post #173

New Icons

Icons are now better

Post #172

Little fix... took hours

Fixed a tiny little bugs, it took hours to do it

Post #160

Wednesday, but two weeks after I added future posts...

Another one that was done way before its release date

Post #169

Update of DOOM (jk the only new thing is that featured post got updated)

Hoi, it's an update, hello Update, Featured posts changed

Post #170

Search bar changed

I modified the search bar to fit the rest of the theme

Post #168

PP and TOS update lmao

Added a flatpage for the TOS and the Privacy Policies

Post #158

Wednesday, the first one that was planned a week before

Hehe I can pre release them now, no need to remember about it every weeks

Post #166

Projects Update

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I added a portfolio :o wow

Post #165

Ah shit, here we go again with the last change

Quick links are now Featured links, makes more sense

Post #164

"Quick" shortened urls

Hoi, an update that's small but decent

Post #163

Kotlin 13.11

Notes Koltin

Post #161

Small changes

Fixed a typo and changed some colors

Post #159

Ok so Date formats are terrible....

First friction log in a while.... about date formats...

Post #157

New About stuff about the design

So yeah I know, I know...

Post #156

First "Future Post" is a Wednesday, my dudes !

Future Post and Wednesday

Post #155

Profiles updated again

Hello people, profiles had a small update again

Post #142

Kotlin Fragments

Les fragments en Kotlin

Post #154

A little more adaptive

Reworked the respon... Adaptiveness of the website

Post #151

Design may change again

The Design will probably change a lot again, but will still look mainly the same